A Brief History  

The Cherokee Elders Council was founded by Paul Thomas in Pryor, Oklahoma on July 9, 1996. 

Meetings were held in the old Mayes County Court House.        


About one year later Cecil and Sue Dunning brought us a truckload of clothing,
but we had no place to unload.

Danny Teehee and Roger Johnson found a rental store-front in downtown Locust Grove.
                                                                       Teehee, Swake, Herod, and Johnson pose for the occasion. 


The clothes were unloaded on October 19, 1997.     

The name "Cherokee Rainbow House" was adopted in December of 1997,
and the doors were opened in January of 1998.  

Since opening we have operated the store two or three days per week,
every week except holidays.


There was one event in 2005 which closed the Rainbow House!  

We gave everything in the store to victims of Hurricane Katrina,
who were temporarily moved to Camp Gruber, Oklahoma.




With an empty Rainbow House the Cherokee Nation sent us thirteen student volunteers from Boston University who painted our walls and built an extra room.   


Cherokee Nation news release